The Broken Mirror

How to do something as good as Terezin with the Romany Holocaust

ARTS OF TOLERANCEWorkshops, Performances and Discussions organized by the Stories Exchange ProjectTerezinCzech Republic18 and 19 September 2000Ilona Laznickova DirectorMuseum of Romany Culture BrnoThe building in which we will open the Museum is about to be finished. But for quite a while we’ve been thinking about what the Museum should look like inside, to show both […]

You are not chosen

Author: Lucie OrackovaLocation: PragueLucie is a sixteen year-old Romany girl who lives in Prague.A long, long time ago when the Earth was still as young as everything that was growing or living on it, on the eighth day God created seven children. They were not all the same, not at all. Two, a boy and […]