After ten we couldn’t speak

New York, USADecember 9, 1995IPrague, Czech RepublicOctober 28, 1994
Robbie McCauleyPlaywright, director, actor
I believe white is a condition that anyone can take in. It causes one to feel superior in order to be okay.
You know, we lived in a neighborhood back then down south that had black people and white people, back when they had signs that said white and colored to separate bathrooms and stuff. Well, back then there were white people who lived down the street from us because that was where they had to live. And we played together till we were about ten. After ten back then we couldn’t speak to each other.
Even back then my grandmother taught us that white people were not geneticallyevil or anything, they were just dumb, and when they learned something, they would be smarter about us.
Sally’s Rape (Znasilneni Sally) by Robbie McCauley performed in English by Robbie McCauley and Jeannie Hutchins with simultaneous interpretation in Czech by Hana Syslova, produced by the Fund for New Performance/Video in Prague on October 28, 1994 at the Zizkov Theater, on October 31 at Studio Labyrint, and on November 2 at the National Theater (Divadlo Kolowrat).