We talked about colors

Rokycany, Czech RepublicFebruary 24, 1996
Ondrej GinaDirector for the Czech Republic, Romani National Congress;formerly, member of the Czechoslovak Federal Parliament
During the Stories Exchange Project we were learning little things: details. They are very important. You can’t get that kind of experience in Parliament. That is a completely different situation. In the Project we were analyzing problems in a completely different way: as I said before, in a completely natural way. And we got to the root of problems.
We were discussing the feelings of human beings, about how we act in concrete situations.
We talked about colors. What’s the sense of perceiving colors? We never thought about these things before, we never discussed them.
Before, we knew about a problem, but we were not able to open the window and look into it. We were not able to perceive simple things like colors, music, feelings. I absorbed that during the Project.
Evaluation Interview