Who wouldn’t want to look nice

Author: Eva Bajgerova
Location: Usti nad Labem
My brothers and sisters and I are Romany, but we attended an elementary school. My mother knew all the teachers. My brothers and sisters were average students, and sometimes they were even naughty. But I was very obedient and studied well.
When I became a seventh grader I was supposed to decided about my future studies.
My father had not attended any school at all, and my mother had finished only three grades. They carefully considered where should I go next, and decided that I should become a seamstress.
I like doing needlework. To make something myself, and especially something to wear: that sounded wonderful. And who wouldn’t like to look nice?
So I agreed, and filled in an application form for training as a seamstress.
But one teacher cared about my future. She immediately called my parents and asked them to come to the school. She told them: "Your daughter has to study.” So I did. I graduated from high school and social-law school and became Romany Adviser in Usti nad Labem.
Without that teacher’s advice, I can’t imagine what kind of future I would have had. I am very grateful to her for helping my parents and me.

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