I know that he is near

Eva RidajovaNova Straseci7 July 2000
Many Roma believe in the "mula”: the supernatural. Many of us were given an ability to penetrate the secrets of the supernatural and to read the future, from cards or in some other way. That has been my luck too, as I discovered not long ago.
I come from a Romany family of four. The youngest was my brother Ladya.
We were all very close, even though we sometimes argued, as kids do. We often got on each other’s nerves. And the fights we had! But we loved each other just the same.
But this ended abruptly on the day my brother passed away. He was seventeen.
That was a blow to me: he left without saying good-bye. For the longest time I couldn’t get over my loss. I wept whenever I thought of him. I kept asking myself, “why?”
In time I met my husband. After a year we were married. We’ve been together now for eighteen years. We have three daughters.
Our middle daughter was born on an autumn night. Two hours after the delivery we were transferred to a private room. I asked the nurse to open the window.
After she left, I sat up in bed to watch my little newborn. Suddenly the door opened. I looked up to see who it was, and was stunned to see my dead brother come in. He headed straight to the cradle, bent over it, and looked at Evicka. Then he walked slowly out of the room.
As soon as the door closed after him, I burst out crying.
The nurse ran in. “What’s happened to you?” she asked.
“Didn’t you see him?”
“Who?” she asked in surprise.
I told her what had just happened. She had no answer for me except that it couldn’t have happened.
For a long time I didn’t understand what had happened either.
Four years later I gave birth to my third daughter. The doctor told us that both our younger daughters had an incurable disease. That was another blow. I was desperate. But I had to learn to live with it.
Again my head was full of questions. “Why me? Why my children?”
Then one day about five years ago I got an answer.
I talked with a friend, a non-Rom, who is a professional in the field of mysterious phenomena. After hearing me out, he said, “The reason your brother died so young was so that your children could be born.”
I stared at him, not understanding.
He continued. “His mission was to become a guardian angel to your children.”
Critical moments in my children’s lives, especially Eva’s flashed through my mind. “You must be right,” I said. She came through all her difficulties without being harmed. Once she was run over by a car. The doctor told me her guardian angel must have been near. Otherwise she would have at least have had a concussion and broken bones. As it was, only her shoe was destroyed and she escaped without a bruise.
My friend also told me that I was sensitive, and that I might be clairvoyant. He suggested that I take part in a seance.
For a long time I thought about what he had said. Finally my curiosity took over and I gave it a try with three of my girlfriends.
We had immediate results. I communicated with my dead brother, and I knew my friend had been right.
Today I accept whatever life brings my way. And I am no longer weeping for my brother, because I know that he is near.

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