You really need to advertise

Author: Martina Hudeckova
Location: Brno
Denisa Lazovkova is a twenty-four year old Rom. She was not able to find a job after she finished school, so she started her own business as a hairdresser.
These days it’s hard to attract new clients unless your shop is located in a visible place, possibly in the center of town. My shop does not have that luck. Though I never really have to complain about not having customers. I don’t do regular styles, but because I’m quite young, I specialize in hair-dos for the young — Afros, for instance.
This story began on a day when I was giving someone an Afro. It was lovely weather and nobody wanted to stay inside, including myself and my employees – and my clients: two women were waiting for braids and dreadlocks.
Since there is some open space outside the shop, we pulled our chairs out and worked outdoors. And we played some music, pretty loud so we could hear it out there. Because of the music and the activity outside, many people walked over to see what was going on. This was the first time that some of them noticed there was a beauty parlor here.
Our intention was to catch some sun, but then I realized that it served as good promotion. We gave out a number of business cards. In business, you really need to advertise."

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