The health of the whole society

Prague, Czech RepublicDecember 6, 1993
John W. ErwinPresident and Executive DirectorThe Fund for New Performance/Video
We at the Fund for New Performance/Video feel that the problem of intolerance is not only a humanitarian problem, but that it also has a great deal to do with the economic and political stability of this region.
We feel very strongly that cultural initiatives can make a great difference in this situation, but that the larger context is economic and political, and has to do with the health of the larger society, not only with safeguarding the interests of minorities.
The health of the whole society: this is what we are concerned with in our own country, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe.
MEDIA AGAINST INTOLERANCEA Conference Organized by The Fund for New Performance/Video
Franz Kafka CenterPragueDecember 6, 1993