Meeting Others

He was accused of assault

Michaela CernaSchool of Social StudiesUsti nad LabemMy uncle worked in Predlice in Technoplyn. One evening he was driving home, and when he was going through Predlice, he heard someone shouting. When he slowed down he saw two Gypsy men beating a Gypsy woman. She was calling for help. My uncle stopped, but didn’t know whether […]

Create your own points of view

L.KristanovaSchool of Social StudiesUsti nad Labem I’m sad that many people don’t judge others by their character, but by the color of their skin. They should realize that nobody is able to choose his color. I don’t want to take the side of the black, yellow or white people. I only mean that we can’t […]

And he was white

Lucie KrupickovaSchool of Social StudiesUsti nad LabemThe situation is better nowadays. At least people are talking about it. And I think there were no Roms in politics in the past, but there are today. That’s a step forward.There is one thing I like about Roms: they respect traditions, and they help each other. I mean — when […]

But I’m not scared of them: why is that?

Lucie SlabaSchool of Social Studies Usti nad LabemWhen I was about seven and in first grade I was coming home with a friend. I don’t remember this very well, but I know that we met two Romany boys. We didn’t do anything bad, we were just walking and laughing about something. But all of a […]

Jews, Jews, Jews: I didn’t want to be one of them

Katerina SidonovaPrague The Czech Jewish Community needed a rabbi. There was nobody else able to do the job, so my dad went to Israel to study to become a rabbi.His father’s father was Jewish. My dad’s induction as a rabbi was taking place in the Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague. I arrived half an hour early. […]

Maybe it’s getting worse

Students at the Vranovska Street School in BrnoNatalie Havrdova, Sandra and Karolina We three are best friends. When something happens to one of us it’s as if it happened to all of us. We’re very joyful: that is why we laugh all the time. Our schoolmates call us bad names. Natalka is treated the worst […]

I was lucky it was a skinhead

Lubos DrslíkStudent, Vranovska SchoolBrnoI can’t stop being amazed at the things that are happening. It’s terrible: the anarchists are fighting the skinheads, and the skinheads are fighting the anarchists. And all around us are the victims of these senseless movements. One day I went to the supermarket and saw a skinhead. He was tall, like […]

Even a skinhead can have a good heart

Katerina SidonovaPragueWhen I was studying at the Pedagogical Faculty, I used to spend one afternoon a week and three weeks in the summer with Romany children from Zizkov. I wanted to become a teacher in specialized classes for Romany kids. Unfortunately this was impossible because there were enough teachers when I finished my studies. So […]

Gimme the money

KatkaStudent, Business AcademyUsti nad LabemThis story happened a long time ago. I was eight and I wanted to have a ride on a carousel. I went there with some money I had wheedled from my mom.I rode on the carousel for an hour or so. Then I went back home.Just in front of our house […]

Begin with the youngest generation

Aneta Ta Duc ThinhStudent, Business AcademyUsti nad LabemWhen I was reading the Web-page of the Stories Exchange Project for the first time I was surprised by finding people called Rom or Gypsy, Czech or "gadjo” etc. I’m not used to differentiating people that way. Though of course I understand that some distinctions are important.I’m a […]