Begin with the youngest generation

Aneta Ta Duc ThinhStudent, Business AcademyUsti nad Labem
When I was reading the Web-page of the Stories Exchange Project for the first time I was surprised by finding people called Rom or Gypsy, Czech or "gadjo” etc. I’m not used to differentiating people that way. Though of course I understand that some distinctions are important.
I’m a secondary school student, and I don’t have much experience with the Romany community, but I want to tell you my impression of them.
Usually one imagines dark alleys with gloomy, neglected houses, where there is nothing to admire but shattered windows. Broken things lying all around and a strange atmosphere – some people would say: terrifying.
It seems that most Roma live in terrible conditions – terrible for us – but I think that this is how they live.
They’re used to it. Their children are getting used to it too, and so it goes from generation to generation.
Nobody chases anybody to school to get the education and move higher on the social ladder. Young people are not encouraged to struggle for a career or to be ambitious.
Youngsters wander the streets; always accompanied by a group of friends.
Yes, Roma are sociable people in my opinion. They are always together, enjoying themselves, having fun and planning entertainment for the next day. They are united in their minority and they let no gadjos come close.
Of course, such an attitude reflects their dependence.
Although some people have really bad experiences with the Roma, we have to treat them like normal people.
They have their problems and they have to solve them. Sometimes they do so in not a very dignified manner.
I don’t like racists and people who have racist feelings because I know myself what discrimination and racial hatred mean.
If the Roma want to live in a different way, it’s important to begin with the youngest generation.

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