Even if a Rom were made of solid gold

Author: Pavel Horvath
Location: Kolin
[transcribed by Jan Horvath Jr.]
I’m eighteen, and I had this bad experience six month ago, when I went into a shop to buy some food.
I walked into the shop and already when I took the shopping basket, I noticed the saleswoman looking me over. I picked out some stuff in the bread section and in the meat section. I also got something to drink. Then I headed for the checkout.
At the counter the saleswoman asked me to show her my bag and my pockets, in case I had taken something. That seemed strange to me and I asked her why she said that. She said again that she wanted to be sure I hadn’t taken anything. I asked her why she wasn’t inspecting the other people as well. Why me in particular?
She said she had seen me put something into my pocket.
I refused to show her what I had in my pockets. She called the manager.
He too asked me to show him my bag and pockets. They told me that if I wouldn’t show them, they would call the police.
By now I was really pissed off, and I showed them what they wanted to see.
They looked everything over several times, very carefully. The manager was obviously embarrassed when he didn’t find anything. Both of them apologized to me. I paid the bill and left, disgusted.
Even if a Rom were made of solid gold, the Czechs would always find something against him.

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