Foreigners enrich our culture

Mateja SegistudentGymnazium Jan PatockaPrague
Roms are citizens of the Czech Republic as much as anyone else. The problem is that most Roms are not educated – so it is hard for them to find work.
Then they do nothing, and expect the state to help them.
There are many cases of uneducated parents who don’t want to send their children to school.
Because Romany children often don’t know the Czech language, they have big problems at school. And because they get bad grades, they are placed in special schools. And that’s the end of any hope for a good education. It’s a pity.
This society is not tolerant enough of others. Not only of Roms but other foreigners as well, especially when their skin is darker.
When people see a foreigner, they immediately think he must be rich and they have to get as much money from him as possible. This is what the Communist regime left in people.
I have no problem being a half-foreigner because I know the language well, and people who do not know me don’t even notice any difference.
I have never heard any curses. But children can be very cruel, they say something out of anger and they regret it later.
I hate foreigners who come to Bohemia and sell drugs or do other criminal activity. Such “guests” should end up in prison and then be expelled from the republic.
I have no negative experience with Roms; I seldom meet them.
I have more experience of foreigners because I am one. They are not foreigners for me; they are my compatriots. They usually work like Czechs in successful firms. They try to assimilate in the Czech Republic and retain their habits and their specific way of life in the circle of their family. I have no bad experiences with them – only very good ones.
I think Czech people shouldn’t be hostile to foreigners. The number of retired people is increasing, and it is expected that there won’t be a large enough native labor force. Foreigners could be the answer.
Foreigners enrich our culture; they bring their different cultures, and that is a real acquisition for the nation.

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