I had let them know who I am

Lucie ConkováDoubravka Training CenterJune 2000
My friend and I went to a discotheque. The bouncer told us he would not let us in. Since I worked as an office assistant, I knew what to do.
The owner of the place told us: "I don´t let Gypsies in.” He told us to open our own discotheque, turned away and said he had no time to talk with us.
So I followed him down to the kitchen.
A lady standing nearby had overheard our conversation and asked him why he would not let us in.
He said we make noise and trouble in the disco, and he had no time to distinguish between good and bad Roma. So I called the police.
The policemen said it was not a case of discrimination. They told me to go to the local police station to file a criminal complaint.
I insisted that it was discrimination.
They tried to convince me not to file the complaint, but I did it anyway.
A week later I went to the disco and the same thing happened again.
So I filed an inquiry with the Czech Trade Inspection in Ceské Budejovice.
They went along with me on the following Friday to check on the spot.
There were four of them. I was told that only two could go inside.
I didn’t like that: they should let all of us in.
My friends were scared. The guys from the Trade Inspection were let in, but the Roma were not.
An investigation took place. Discrimination carries a maximum penalty of 500,000 Czech crowns: I read that in a newspaper.
But instead of that, the case was handled as an offence and the fine was only 3000 crowns. I never received a notification.
So I informed the press. TV Nova contacted me as well. They knew me in the disco, they watched me and let me in. But they also threatened me with death.
I was there a short time ago and they let me in, but my sister and her friends had to stay out.
At least I had let them know who I am. I had made my mark with the town of Cesky Krumlov..

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  1. Lucie:
    Thank you for the wonderful story. I am a student at a small American university doing a study of the Roma. I was wondering if you could help me by giving me some of your personal experiences. If this is something that you would be willing to do, please contact me through my email address. dpreslicka@gw.hamline.edu
    I have only the best intentions as far as any information you may provide me with. I have read a lot of material on the Roma, but I would like some personal input to help me get a better understanding.
    Please respond if interested, if not, thank you again for sharing this story.
    Dave Preslicka

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    Correct one:

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