Sebek, Leader of the Skinheads

Author: Michal Slavik
Location: Usti Nad Labem
At our last meeting in Prague in January we talked about collecting stories from the other side too. I managed to get a story from a skinhead. He is twenty-eight, lives in Bilina, finished high school in Decin and university in Prague, at the Technological University. He is an engineer.
He told me his story in a restaurant in Teplice where skinheads meet. It’s a very gloomy place.
"So the guys nicknamed me Sebek, Leader of the Skinheads.
I’m happy to tell you why I don’t like Gypsies. It started in Bilina, but it came to a head when I went to school in Decin by train. In Teplice Gypsies would get on. They were noisy, and they robbed us.
We didn’t put up with it. We formed a group of guys to fight them. Almost every day we went on a crusade. These were really big fights. Most of the time we won, but sometimes we got beaten up.
One day we were marching down the street in Teplice, and stumbled across a group of about twenty Gypsies. There were six of us. At first we put up a fight, but we got weaker and weaker and finally had to run away. The Gypsies ran after us, all the way to our bus in Benesak. The fight broke out again, and I got beaten so badly that I was in a hospital for eight days.
And you guessed it: when I got back, I wasn’t going to put up with that.
The next time we won.”
On 27 July 2001 Dave at responded in Czech:
“How can you tame two groups of passionate people who think of nothing but the fight that is coming. Or even make them talk?”

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