A new agency for unemployed Roma in Prague

Author: Katerina Sidonova
Location: Prague
A new service for unemployed Roma in Prague. Free of charge.
Personal Agency of Roma is a non-profit agency that was established by the Romani Union in the Czech Republic. The project is supported by the City Council of Prague. Its aim is to help Roma to find work and stay employed. It is estimated that between 75 – 98% of Roma in the Czech Republic are unemployed. Such a situation causes high increase of criminality and may lead to social exclusion of Roma in the country. Personal Agency of Roma offers its clients personal assitance, psychological aid and guidance in law issues. How the agency works: Clients go through an entrance interview. Personal assistants seek for an appopriate job for them and make firts contacts with potential employers. If a client wishes so personal assistant is present at the firts client´s meeting with an employer. Clients of the agency are provided with a long-term care. Personal assistants serve also as intermediators between clients and their employers for at least 6 months. Both, the client and his employer can turn to the agency for help if problems arise. Majority of people who work in the agency are Roma, most of them have just finished their secondary education. The agency started to work in the middle of September 2003. Personal Agency of Roma intends to enlarge the offer of jobs by making contracts with companies and organizations that would employ its clients. In the future the agency wants to create a database of free jobs that would be available on Internet.Romani Union in the Czech Republic wishes to spread more agencies of this kind all around the country and place a Personal Agency in locations where a big number of Roma live. The agency cooperates with local authorities and with the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs.For more information contact the coordinator of the project: katerina.sidonova@romskaunie.cz

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