The Change

Emilie HorackovaMimon
Waist-long golden hair and eyes like the sky: I longed for this beauty. I wanted people’s hearts to melt the moment they saw me. I wanted to change at any cost.
I wanted to change, and change I would!I invoked both God and the devil to come and grant me what I asked.
"I want to change, to be worth more. I’ve suffered enough. I’m tired of life as it is, tired of being called a black thief! In a new body I would be free of shame. I want to live as someone else. My black eyes have seen pain, disappointment, prejudice. Changing color would change my life.”
I invoked the devil, and he came.My mind was dazzled with eagerness to change.
The devil came and changed me as I asked. I was no longer myself, but a different woman – beautiful and unashamed.
But my friends, parents and the people around me did not know me, and they cast me out!
Looking for her daughter, my mother passed me by.
I was like a ghost to them, one that suddenly stands beside you. And the others, the ones I wanted to match with my new white skin? They wanted to touch me and only tried to take, whereas I had wanted them to give to me.
And the change was flawed: my heart had failed to change. Was this a breakthrough, to give up my Romany life?
This was the full price of my change.It was a bad deal, and I wanted to back out, and shed my new looks. I mourned and wept. I turned to God for help and prayed.
God came to me and said: “Stay as you are: you have no need for any other kind of beauty.”
Inside. I was still the same, unchanged. I didn´t know what would happen next. When the sun flooded the room I lost my fear and shed my burden. I got up quickly and hurried to the mirror.
I cried out with joy at finding myself again.
Relieved, I remembered what God had said in my dream: Like anyone else I also have my value. I will go on with my life as I am.I don´t need that kind of change!
We’re all different and everybody´s life is worth living.

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