They don’t know how to discuss things freely

Jiri ImlaufTeacher of Czech Language and LiteratureBusiness AcademyUsti nad Labem
in conversation with
John W. ErwinDirectorThe Stories Exchange Project
Jack Erwin:
What’s the good of having Eva [Bajgerova, Local Coordinator, The Stories Exchange Project] come to talk with your class, do you think?
Jiri Imlauf
I think our school system is still living in the past. I think we need every possible contact with interesting people. We need daily contact. We need to discuss ideas much more. Here we still don’t know what it is to discuss ideas. We are here every day in our classrooms, like boxes – and so I was very glad that she came to talk with us.
Jack Erwin
What about what Eva was talking about in particular, about relations between Czechs and Roms? Is it important for your class to discuss this?
Jiri Imlauf
Yes, I think so. It wasn’t the first time that we talked about this problem, and we will continue doing that. So it was very good. It’s a big problem in our country: a big problem.
Jack Erwin
The kids are sensitive to this problem?
Jiri Imlauf
I think so, yes. In every class that I teach we talk about this problem. Every student is sensitive to it. But I think mostly they are looking at this problem from the negative side. They have more bad stories than good about being together with Roms. There are more students who tell me about negative experiences with Roms, but I think that very often their parents are the source of their negative attitudes. They lived under another political and social system and don’t know how to discuss things freely.

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