Whoever rested even for minute got yelled at

Author: Jan Horvath Jr.
Location: Kolin
My visit to Khamoro 2000 began when the founder of our school, Dr. Emil Scuka, arranged for us to be the ushers at the week-long festival. For the whole week we lived at the Na Zapoli hostel in Michle.
In the morning we had to be in Parliament, where there were seminars and various lectures about the Roma. Everyone got a card with his or her name on it and the place he was to stand.
When the lectures were over, we moved to the Lucerna, where we had to help the director, bring drinks to people, move all kinds of loudspeakers around, and climb ladders to put up the sponsors’ posters. Whoever rested even for a minute got yelled at.
At the gala concert, we stood and took the tickets. The performances of groups from various countries was very interesting. We met a lot of interesting people there. It was a good experience.

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  1. As one of the Khamoro organizers I feel terribly guilty reading this story. The young Roma assistants who helped out were fabulous and I fear that we organizers might not have expressed our gratitude as well as we should. Hope it’s not too late: Big thanks to Honza Horvath and all the rest who made Khamoro such a big success.

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