Are you surprised that some of us emigrate?

Author: Vera Gynova
Location: Kolin
[transcribed by Jan Horvath, Jr.]
Every young person wants to have fun: that’s natural. These days you have places to go, and you have your favorite disco. Of course if they don’t want to let you in because your skin is darker than theirs, that’s not so good. Probably every Rom, like me, has experienced this.
It wasn’t the first time that they didn’t want to let me and my friends into the disco which is three hundred meters from my house. Everybody knows everybody else there, so intolerance towards the Roma would never occur to me even in my wildest dreams, because many Roms live in our town. But it did happen to us.
My cousin and I decided that we wanted to go and have some fun. We took some money and after getting ready for about an hour, we went to the place. My cousin walked up to the bouncer of the disco and wanted to pay the entrance fee. But the man in black stopped him and insulted him to his face. “No entry for gypsies. “
Lada turned to me and I could see that he wasn’t happy. We stood there for an hour and asked them to let us in. Then we turned around and left, practically with tears in our eyes.
For God’s sake! What’s going on here? Who can be biased and xenophobic towards us Roma? Are we wild animals, so they can do what they like with us? Are white people better than we are? They aren’t! They have many faults, many worse than the Roma.
The Czech Republic is, has been and always will be known for its racist position towards the Roma. Are you surprised that some of us emigrate?

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  1. Hi, I was interested to read your story and wondered if you were in touch with anyone who had done the opposite to you, and given up everything to emigrate with their partner. If you do hear of anyone, please could you get in touch? Thanks, Catherine

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