Create your own points of view

L.KristanovaSchool of Social StudiesUsti nad Labem
I’m sad that many people don’t judge others by their character, but by the color of their skin. They should realize that nobody is able to choose his color.
I don’t want to take the side of the black, yellow or white people. I only mean that we can’t reject a person without knowing what is he or she is like.
A lot of Roms attended the elementary school I went to. They were not different; there were only slightdifferences in the way they spoke, in the way they pronounced words, in the melody of the language and in their color. They were good, better or worse pupils than others.
Jirka Gorolova was in my class. We saw each other often, and she was a very good girl. She was decent, neat, and you could count on her. Her family was like any other family. They had problems and sorrows of their own. But there was oneproblem they could do nothing about: they were Roms.
Jirka was a good schoolmate, and a good friend too. She had no problems.
Now she is studying to be a nurse. I hope she will succeed, and I wish her skin were not a handicap for her.
Of course she wasn’t the only Rom I’ve met. I’ve met cheeky, dirty, hysterical and vulgar Roms too. But on theother hand, I’ve met nice, clean, warm and fine Roms. It is the same with whites. You can find nice or badpeople in every society.
Don’t compare. Don’t say “I’m white,you’re yellow, and he’s black.” We all have two arms, two legs, one trunk, one head, two eyes, one nose, one mouth, and two ears. We are all alike, and we should have the same chances to love, to have friends, to have a family, to be educated, to live in freedom, to have a job, to have privacy.
A chance to live a life we don’t have to be ashamed of, or to hide…
The way we look is not important. What’s important is how we feel, create, love, trust, desire and think. Don’t listen to the crowd. Create your own points of view based on your own experience, interest in people, in humanity and feeling.

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