Gimme the money

KatkaStudent, Business AcademyUsti nad Labem
This story happened a long time ago. I was eight and I wanted to have a ride on a carousel. I went there with some money I had wheedled from my mom.
I rode on the carousel for an hour or so. Then I went back home.
Just in front of our house a band of Roms stopped me. They could have been about fifteen years old. They wanted money.
All I had was a ten-crown coin. Even though I was scared, I didn’t want to give it to them.
But they caught me, slapped me several times in the face and took my purse: all my documents were in it.
The Romany girl who planned the robbery lives just few meters from our flat. To this day she has never told me she was sorry. And she hasn’t returned the money she stole.

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