He was accused of assault

Michaela CernaSchool of Social StudiesUsti nad Labem
My uncle worked in Predlice in Technoplyn. One evening he was driving home, and when he was going through Predlice, he heard someone shouting.
When he slowed down he saw two Gypsy men beating a Gypsy woman. She was calling for help.
My uncle stopped, but didn’t know whether to help her or show no interest and leave.
Finally he decided to help her.
He approached the Gypsies, and said he wanted to talk with them. He said he wanted them to leave the woman alone.
But the men started beating him. My uncle had to fight for himself as well as for the Gypsy woman.
He broke the nose of one of the Gypsies, and he was wounded too.
And when he started to beat the Gypsies, the Gypsy woman began shouting and began thrashing him too.
He managed to defend himself and went home.
But after a while he received a court summons. He was accused of assault.
He couldn’t prove that it was they who had started the fight, so he had to pay the Gypsy men and the Gypsy woman a lot of money.

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