I hope that my generation will overcome

Mariana WesleyovastudentGymnazium Jan PatockaPrague Roms should be looked at as individuals, not judged in terms of a whole ethnic group.
The behavior of young Roms is shaped by their living standards, their interests, their environment etc.
There are some who feel that they are different, that they are an ethnic group, that their social status is lower, that they are poor. Those Roms don’t struggle for anything, don’t try to adjust to their environment and don’t want to be any better.
And there are Roms who don’t think about these things, who try to improve their living standard and merge with others.
It’s the same in any ethnic group – and there are always bad and good people in every society.
I have met several Roms, and I must say they were people with a certain standard – and cool.
I am of mixed origins and I must tell you that many people have told me that they like Africans but dislike Roms. I never know how to respond to that.
Surely it’s because they associate Roms and Africans with certain things.
There is one thing I like about Roms: they stick together and help each other. They’re loyal.
I think that the younger generation is more mature when it comes to the Romany problem. Young people don’t have so many prejudices.
But you still can meet a person who says he doesn’t like Roms without having any reason for that.
I hope that my generation will overcome this unreasonable suspiciousness.

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