I was lucky it was a skinhead

Lubos DrslíkStudent, Vranovska SchoolBrno
I can’t stop being amazed at the things that are happening. It’s terrible: the anarchists are fighting the skinheads, and the skinheads are fighting the anarchists. And all around us are the victims of these senseless movements. One day I went to the supermarket and saw a skinhead. He was tall, like a basketball player. I didn’t take much notice of him, but realized that he was staring at me.
I got scared about what could happen. I was only thirteen, and I wasn’t exactly a fighter.
So I chose a different path home than the one I had originally intended to take.
But that didn’t help much. The path led me to a park where there were not as many people as outside the supermarket.
I thought I had shaken him off, but suddenly I heard him: "Hey!”
I was scared and didn’t know what to do. So I started to run. But that didn’t help much either. The skinhead had much longer legs than I did, and caught up with me in a second. He grabbed me and said, “What do you think you’re doing?”
I didn’t know what he wanted, so I asked him.
He told me to give him a hundred crowns.
All I had with me was a thousand-crown bill. I told him that I didn’t have any money.
He said I should think twice about what I was saying.
I didn’t want that thousand to be taken, so I said: “I haven’t got any money, you sod!”
He stared at me.
And then it came. Out of the blue he kicked me in my belly. I thought I wasn’t going to survive.
He wanted to kick me again – but then I heard: “Let him alone, you idiot!”
I looked behind me and saw an anarchist. He was playing with quite a large knife.
The skinhead ran off.
The anarchist told me I was lucky it was a skinhead. Otherwise he wouldn’t have helped me.
I told him I didn’t have anything against anarchists: I have several friends who are anarchists.
But this one was really strange. He spat at me and left.
I want to meet that skinhead again and say a few words to him. They wouldn’t be very pleasant.

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