Romany families can be decent like anyone else

Kveta ConkováPragueJuly 2000
Jana was a beautiful girl from a Czech family. She lived with her mother, stepfather, and an older and a younger brother.
Tthough her parents were divorced, Jana grew up in a peaceful household. She still gets together with her Dad and his second wife, who has always treated her husband’s children with kindness. In time Jana became an adolescent. She was gorgeous and gentle. But her emotions began to change.
She and a friend often visited an afternoon disco for youth over fifteen. There she met a Romany boy named Pista. They fell in love — both for the first time.
Pista was nothing like other boys. He was the best. He treated Jana so nicely that all her girlfriends envied her. Four years went by. They would meet all over Prague, and together discovered new worlds.
Because they were still children, they weren’t interested in sex. They only made out and kissed.
Pista’s friends liked Jana very much and treated her like one of their own. AndPista’s parents were loving and lived a decent happy life together.
But of course all this luck was destroyed by bad luck in the form of Jana’s parents.
Even though her divorced parents didn’t know Pista’s parents, they didn’t want the young people to see each other anymore. They didn’t like it that Pista was Romany. So at seventeen, Jana was forced to run away from home.
Her father went looking for her, and found her at the first place he looked: Pista’s apartment.
But they all made up and became friends on the spot because Jana’s father was able to see for himself that Romany families can be decent like anyone else. Jana and Pista kept seeing each other for the next two years.
At the start of their fourth year, last year, they lost their innocence together.
Toward the end of that year, though, Pista’a parents suddenly decided to immigrate to Canada and took their son with them.
So he left Jana in the midst of a deep love.
But they have promised each other that they will get back together again once Jana finishes her education.

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