There are good and bad people in every society

Lucie MatuskovastudentGymnazium Jan PatockaPrague
I don’t have much experience with Roms. I think they are not all to blame; we make mistakes too.
A friend of mine who is very dark told me about her stay in a hospital.
She was not able to move. Her parents would bring fruit and put it on her bedside table. Every evening other children came and took the fruit. She wasn’t able to stop them.
One evening a nurse came and asked my friend why she was crying. The girl told her that the others kept stealing her food. When the nurse asked the children why they did it, they answered: "She’s a Gypsy, so it’s OK.”
The other day I watched the news on TV and there was a Romany mother who went to a police station to report that skinheads had seriously hurt her child. Thanks to that she got a permission to emigrate to England. But after some time the police found out that it was the mother herself who harmed the child so that she could get to England.
There are good and bad people in every society.

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