They shouldn’t have been forced to assimilate

Filip CapandastudentJan Patocka Grammar SchoolPrague
Roms are a minority in the Czech Republic. According to them, they are discriminated against.
I think that is true.
But what if so-called discrimination is only an excuse for their slow integration into our society?
Roms came here a long time ago. They led a nomadic style of life, and nobody cared. And that was the point where a mistake was made: they shouldn’t have been forced to assimilate.
My only experience with Roms happened in my childhood. A Romany family lived near our apartment. They had two sons I usedto play with. They were decent people. They didn’t go to work and lived on social money but they were bringing their children up to be docile.
One day I was playing in the playground and they came in with a bunch of their comrades. I was about ten, and was so naive that I thought they were just coming to talk with me. You can imagine how surprised I was when they took my ball and socked me between my eyes.
Luckily my mother came along. Otherwise I would have been barely able to get up.
Since then I haven’t thought very highly of them.
And I think that their hot, wild blood – I admire that – is not good for apartment houses. They should be free. Otherwise discrimination will go on forever.
Since it isn’t possible to set them free the way they used to be…. I don’t know.
I’ve heard about an Indian tribe in America that assimilated, started to eat the same food as Americans do, accepted the habits of the whites and today suffers from the highest occurrence of diabetes in the world.
I’m afraid that something similar is happening in our country today.

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