Each one of us is a piece of the puzzle

Eva SiedtmannovaSchool of Social Studies Usti nad Labem
The problem of relations between races is very complicated, especially in our country. It’s a never-ending fight of white against black and vice-versa. Czechs suppress Roma and say that Roma are rubbish no one needs, rubbish that should be cleared away!
I can hear all the angry voices trying to justify their bright ideas. And I’m bored listening to the same words over and over again: lame excuses, slander and prejudice.
I feel differently: I don’t differentiate by skin color. We’re all people, and anyone who acts like a human being deserves to be called human. We are absolutely equal.
But society has its own ideas and is not willing to change them. It doesn’t want to see reality.
Why should it? Such opinions are very comfortable for the majority. Others have to assimilate, and if they don’t they’re condemned once and for all, for the rest of their lives!
All over the world minorities are garbage.
How can we feel superior just because there were a few more of us born? But because we are much stronger as a group, a larger number, we feel that we’re allowed to do anything!
Many white people behave worse than Roma, and how many of them are there in the world? They commit crimes but nobody condemns them: nobody is interested in the growing criminality any more. It’s not polite to mention it when white people are involved!
But is it polite to restrict minorities just because there are not so many of them? Are they inferior because their culture, their traditions and values, their opinions and attitude are different?
People are beautiful just because each person is unique, and this world is wonderful because so many different people live in it. Each one of us is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the Earth. Each piece is different and should be admired, not condemned.
We must learn to value difference. We must learn to understand each other and accept the unique character of each person.

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