You are not chosen

Author: Lucie Orackova
Location: Prague
Lucie is a sixteen year-old Romany girl who lives in Prague.
A long, long time ago when the Earth was still as young as everything that was growing or living on it, on the eighth day God created seven children. They were not all the same, not at all. Two, a boy and a girl, were as white as snow, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Another boy and girl were dark with curly hair, brown, almond-shaped eyes and shining smiles. Still another boy and girl had yellow skin, narrow eyes, straight black hair and were of a fragile build.
The seventh child was quite different from the others. He was not white, not black, not yellow. Everyone who looked at him saw him differently. One said the child was white, another that he was black, and a third thought he was yellow. The child had a little bit of each race but was still different. The worst thing was that he had no friend of his own kind. He was all alone.
When the children grew up, one day God spoke to them:
"The time has come for you to leave here and settle in your various countries, to start families and to take care of your children. Each of you will have to go in a different direction. You two who are white as fallen snow, go where the weather is mild, where everything is green. That land is called Europe, that is where you will live.”
When they left, the God spoke in the same way to the black and yellow couples. One couple left for the continent where the sun shines all the time and everything is surrounded by sand: to Africa. The last couple went to China, where they were to build their kingdom in the middle of rice fields.
Then God turned to the last child. He said:
“You are alone, and this is what I have to tell you, go to the world and swear: ‘I will not come back until I find myself a woman who is my equal, and who will be a good wife to me. I have to keep in mind that she has to be of the same race; otherwise I will never find peace.’ Remember, if you are mistaken, you will never find your kingdom, you will be doomed to take refuge in the countries of your three brothers and sisters. Keep this in mind, and choose carefully.”
So the last child swore that he would follow God’s advice, and set out to look for a woman with whom he could be happy. He traveled through all countries but was not able to find the right one, the one of his kind. He traveled for many years and saw many nations who were a bit like him but no people and no woman was exactly like him. One day he came to Egypt…..
This was the sixth year of his pilgrimage, and he was exhausted and desperate. Hopeless, he arrived at the gates of the ruling pharaoh Neffrisse IV and asked to be seen. The pharaoh was astonished at the unusual looks ofthe stranger and agreed to see him. The stranger told him about his pilgrimage and about what God had told him. The pharaoh asked: “And what will happen if you do find yourself a wife of your kind? What will your God say then?”
“Then she and I will spend our lives inour own land, together with our children. We will live there as founders of a new nation and land, where life is not hard at all.”
Once the pharaoh heard the whole story of the stranger, he pondered: This stranger is talking about a God not known to me who wants to give him a rich land if he finds a wife of his own kind. But my daughter looks quite like that: his God will not be able to tell, and she will be rich.
And so pharaoh came up with a plan about how to give his daughter to the stranger as a wife. He told him:
“You have found a queen who is worthy ofyou: my only daughter is the one. She is of the same race as you, and must become the mother of your children.”
And the pharaoh and his future son-in-law began to celebrate the festivities. Wine was plentiful, and dulled the guest’s senses more than the host’s. Finally, the pharaoh sent for his daughter; the guest agreed to the wedding, and it took place right away.
Shortly after that the newlyweds set out to meet God.
The man said:
“I am coming back to you, my God. This is my wife. Give me your blessing, forshe is of my race and I am of hers. Give me your permission to leave for my land. Oh Lord, let me wait no longer!”
And God replied, saying:
“She whom you call your wife, is not of your race. I do not know what happened, but they cheated you. She whom you call your wife is not chosen to be taken to your land. Do not ask me anymore. You will never see your land. You are not chosen. You will always be strangers in others’ lands. You will wander from one place to another and you will never find your home. I have spoken.”
Ever since then the man and his wife have traveled throughout the world without finding peace and calm. They move from one country to another but cannot find the one thing they want: their home. Their God will not let them.
This happened millions of years ago, but is still true today.______________
On 27 July 2001 Dave at responded in Czech:
“Very well written. This girl must be talented. I keep my fingers crossed forher to become someone even among us ‘gadjos.’ “

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