Is racism a threat that may come true?

Jiri NovakSchool of Social StudiesUsti nad Labem
At the beginning of the past century a not very well known Adolf Hitler who was working as a house painter published a book called “Mein Kampf.”
In 1945 the people who liberated the Nazi camps were terrified by what they saw: rows and rows of dead bodies, some of them lighter than twenty kilograms. There was the smell of death and despair everywhere.
These terrible things have been forgotten as time has passed. But we should know about them. Some of us might think that racism has been destroyed, but that is not true. Marches and gatherings of parties like the National Front that want to suppress people’s rights show demonstrate that such parties continue to be successful.
We are said to live in a democratic state but I don’t think we do. When our political leaders do nothing against parties which advertise Hitler they prove that I am right.
The threat of racism and the suppression of human rights is like a warning finger here. Is racism a threat that has been long forgotten or is it a threat that may come true?

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