All the jobs are taken

Author: Martina Hudecková
Location: Brno
Gábina Oláhová told me this story in her room, which looks like the rooms of most twenty-one year-old girls.
"I’ve been listed at the Employment Office for two years, and now I’m looking for work. But I often think that it is hard for me to find a job because I’m a Rom. This story is about just that.
I was at the Employment Office for my regular visit and received an offer for a job as a cleaning woman. Not the greatest job in the world, but I wanted work.
I was hopeful, and went home and immediately called the telephone number on the form. I was concerned that the place would be gone, so I asked the voice on the other end, ‘Excuse me, but do you still have a job available?’ Since the answer from the other end of the line was affirmative, I went to the place where the company was located.
But I got a surprise. When I said I was there about the job, the lady across the table gave me a sullen look and simply said, ‘The jobs are all taken. Give me your paper from Employment so I can fill it out.’
I went home feeling very sorry – but I just couldn’t get it through my head that there were no jobs anymore. So I picked up the phone one more time, dialed the number I had called before, and once again asked if there were any jobs available. I was quite surprised when the female voice answered that there were, and that I could come in any time.
This happened a year ago, but I remember it very well because this has happened to me several times again.”

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