I only worry about our clients lack of motivation

Author: Lucie Conkova
Location: Usti mad Labem
A year or so ago I had no idea what a civic association was. But starting a civic group became a kind of fashion among Roms: it brings in easy money.
I work in Predlice where the population is ninety-nine per cent Romany. That’s why some sort of a civic group was needed there.
Recently a civic association of six members called "Future” was started in Predlice. They got a pretty good grant. But only the vice-president of the association does any work: the president is too busy with his own business. No one knows what exactly they are doing because the vice- president won’t let anyone see the books or interfere with the way he does things. So they don’t accomplish much. Once in a while they organize a little something or have a sidewalk paved.
But what to do about this? Roms have become an interesting source of income not only for other Roms but also for foreigners.
I too have a civic association in this area. It is called KHERORO. “Little House,” and was established this past February. I am one of the youngest founders, so people don’t much trust me. But we try to prove ourselves through what we do.
When I began, I thought all the civic groups in Predlice were going to merge — there are as many as eight right now – but that didn’t happen.
We began to work with the Predlice elementary school. We provide social consultancy and organize educational campaigns. This and next year, we have a program called “Small Trades” which is designed for people who have been unemployed for a long time. Participantscan renew their work skills thorough this project and with our help find their place in the labor market, either as employees or as self-employed. The project will be carried out together with the local labor office.
I only worry about our clients’ lack of motivation.

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