I had a vision about how to build a team of people

Eva BajgerovaRomany AssistantOffice of the Regional GovernmentUsti nad Labem
The Stories Exchange Project is about sharing experience. It’s about meeting other people and getting to know them.
It’s a mutual relationship, a mutual communication, an exchange of knowledge and skills.
I had a vision about how to build a team of people who would go around town gathering stories.
I made a team of three Roms and three non-Roms.
There was a Rom who had finished his studies at the university, a Rom who had a secondary school education, and aRom who had only attended elementary school.
And I chose non-Roms with similar backgrounds: a university graduate, a secondary school graduate, and one with only elementary education.
We had meetings, and we selected stories that could be put on this Web-site, where you can read them.
All that work was excellent. I’m very happy about the team we created. It’s possible to do anything with that team: it’s possible to create things with them. And that’s the result of my work: the work of this team.
As for myself, I learned how to work with the Internet, and I brought a computer so that my kids got acquainted with the Internet too—- and their friends as well.
I think that other young people who participated in the Stories Exchange Project also bought computers.
And I met a lot of people who became my friends. I got to know the problems of people in other towns, of national minorities in London, for example, and it was very useful for me. I could seemany things – and I met many friends: a lot of friends; good friends.
I would like the young people who use our stories to learn how to communicate.
I would like them not to be isolated, and not to dig abysses between themselves and others. I’d like them to be close to each other.
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